Monday, July 21, 2008

1974 VW Beetle

I haven't been keeping up with this blog, so I'm reinventing it a bit. It will now act as a build blog to chronicle the customizing of my '74 VW Bug. It's a mess of a car I bought the other day cause the price wasn't so bad. I have a gas swallowing truck that I want to get rid of, and a motorcycle. I ride the motorcycle as much as possible, but I need something with a roof for the massive amount of rain we get in Florida half of the year.
The car has some not so bad rust, one really bad rust that was filled in with foam(?), and a bondo filled rain channel that follows both sides of the entire roof of the car. Mechanically it runs, isn't that enough!? Second gear is worth skipping and the brakes are spongier than Kirstie Alley.
So,with a ton of help from friends Phil and Pat, it should be a pretty rad little car in the end.
The Car
The Car

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